Dean K2JB 4X Goat!

Congratulations, Dean. Always look forward to catching you on a summit.
73 Gary

Dean, Dean, the activating Machine! Glad that you finally got that fourth leg to stabilize that wobbly three-legged goat! :rofl: Congratulations! :beers:

Congratulations, Dean! That’s a lot of summits to climb! You deserve a special trophy…maybe a stuffed goat?? :goat::goat::goat::goat:

Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations Dean—you’re a great inspiration to me!

My thanks to all the chasers who have helped me over the years achieve this goal. Special thanks to Joel, KC4WZB who without knowing it, helped me decide which summit I’d do my 4XMG on. I had been pondering which summit to make 4XMG on when he happened to me visiting my hometown and informed me he would be activating W4C/EM-001, Grassy Ridge Bald for his 2XMG the next day. Grassy Ridge has been a favorite summit of mine for 40 years, well before SOTA so at that point, the decision was sealed. We both summited the next day and wished it could have lasted all day. Rain caught up with us but did nothing to damped the satisfaction of the day. Congratulations to Joel on his 2XMG and the inspiration on my 4xMG summit. Dean ~ K2JB