Dean K2JB 4X Goat!

Congratulations to Dean K2JB for achieving 4K activator points. I had the privilege of chasing him yesterday on his milestone summit on the 15 meter band - W4C/EM-001 Grassy Ridge Bald. You have all four legs of your GOAT now Dean! What’s next?
Charlie NJ7V


Congratulations Dean! I still have my K2JB special throw weight you gave me when we ran into each other on top of Richland Balsam.

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Congratulations Dean!
And thanks for 256 contacts so far!
73, Walt

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Awesome Dean!! Sorry I was at work yesterday. Catch you soon.


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Congratulations Dean !

73 de VE6JTW

Congrats Dean! Now the AT Bucket List looms larger.
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV

Congratulations Dean! You sure love those mountains, that is a lot of activations and points! I enjoyed our activation together while I was visiting your area. Bob AC1Z

Congrats, Dean, and thanks for all the QSOs from those
high points!

Wow, Dean, I am humbled by your achievement!

See you soon at the W4 campout. Maybe I can catch some of your MG aura ;-).

73 Paula k9ir

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Same here. I already congratulated Dean on air during our QSO, but 4xMG is an outstanding achievement which deserves a new and effusive congratulation on the Reflector as well.
Thanks for the 43 SOTA QSOs, including a S2S.
I hope to keep chasing you many more times in the future and I’ll be looking forward to some more S2S too.



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Congratulations to you Dean! Amazing accomplishment!
Thanks for all the chaser points too!
Gary K3tcu

Congrats Dean! Hope to work you on many more. Maybe even do some activating together! :grinning:
Quite an accomplishment
Byron N4TIZ

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Way to go Dean! I admire your SOTAbility!

Andy, N4LAG

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Nice sigs here in W7A from your goat activation.

All Best, Ken

Well done Dean! Congrats! See you on the air! baahhhhh
Mike NS1TA

congratulations Dean way to go
Glad i got to work you on Grassy Ridge thanks for all the contacts and looking foreward to many more

Bob KU4R

Congratulations, Dean! Thanks for the many chaser contacts you have given me.

Ward - WC0Y

Congratulations Dean!
It is always a pleasure to log a SOTA DX from EU.
I was glad to chase you in your 4th MG activation, happy to see that propagation is getting better.

Our last S2S is dated in 2019: hope we’ll soon meet again from a summit.

73 de Ignacio

Well done Dean. Many congratulations. All the best for 5X… onwards and upwards!

73, Gerald

Amazing, congrats and always great to work you Dean!
Keith KR7RK