Dealing with Seasonal Adjustment Disorder

The BBC has an article on dealing with the clocks going back (in the UK) and the cold. There is a lot to be said for SOTA activations alieviating the symptoms of SAD.

I also like the Finnish take however:

Following the theme of Nordic lifestyle trends, why not try päntsdrunk?

Päntsdrunk is the anglicised word for the Finnish term “kalsarikänni”, which literally means “drinking at home, alone, in your underwear”.

This is more than a niche pastime in Finland.

It’s become such a well-established part of the country’s culture that its ministry of foreign affairs even talks about it in its guide to the country.

Finnish writer Miska Rantanen says the concept was born as a way of coping with long, dark winters when people couldn’t be bothered to face the cold outside in order to see friends - so got drunk at home instead.

Maybe both SOTA and Päntsdrunk afterwards (in moderation of course)? - it’s surely a great environment to write up your activation reports.


This is nothing new - actually, the SMP (both old and new versions) were written by this old codger in a constant state of total under-the-table päntsdrunk inebriation in underpants and string vest covered in bits of pizza. Cold sober, I never would have taken it on… :crazy_face: :woozy_face: :upside_down_face:

And I call it LAD - Life Adjustment Disorder…


I shall get accustomed to the season clock adjustment by traveling to EA8 three days after the clocks go back. I should get about 2hrs more daylight and 15-20C more warmth. :slight_smile:


It took just one winter season in SOTA to have a beneficial effect - that was back in 2006/2007. In March 2007 my XYL told me that I had been a darn sight easier to live with as a result of activating through the winter months. Just one reason to keep going… there are so many more as I certainly know! :grinning:


After I finished laughing it struck me that it is really a rather sad (pun unintended!) concept.

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Who will be the first to do a “Päntsactivät”, an activation in the snow in just pants? And will they be posting images?


And will they be posting images?

Do we want to see them? :zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve seen some very inappropriate conditions for wearing shorts over the last couple of years, so that would be a good trial run.

Right now there’s an interview on BBC Radio Scotland:
Bummit at the Summit

Have they read this threat? :joy::rofl:


Nothing new there - I was asked to take a photo of a bunch of Kiwis on Lochnagar over 10 years ago. (had to put my hands over my Labrador’s eyes so she wouldn’t be embarrassed).
Apparently it was quite the “thing” to celebrate summiting in this way (in the Antipodes) :smile::smile: