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Deadly Aussie Reptiles Part2

Not exactly during a SOTA but during a ham radio related journey yesterday, see who I found while driving on a dirt road on my way to visit the EC2DX team working multi-multi the 2017 CQ WW DX CW contest not too far from my QTH.

I don’t know whether it was indeed deadly and I didn’t try it out to find out;-)
It definitely looks like a venomous one.

I felt like Wild Frank when I hang it with the help of my SOTA walking wooden stick in order to take it out of the dirt road to prevent her from being smashed by some passing vehicle.

Let me post a couple of pictures of the EC2DX multi-multi team at work yesterday afternoon:




After some research through the internet, I’ve found that it was a Rhinechis scalaris, not a venomous one at all, though very agressive.



I thought these things were shy. Seen on the path to a very busy G/LD-050

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Double trouble on Mt. Ritchie…

From a couple of months ago.
Glenn VK3YY


You sure know how to pick them Glenn.
A little too close for comfort!

Andrew VK1AD