DD1LD/P on air!

Luk DD1LD/P, there are some minutes was on 7.032 with very very deep QSB. Not been able to copy the exact number of SOTA.
Impossible to put a spot if reference SOTA is not exact: DM / xx-000 !!!
My QSO at 13h10 UTC. No chasers heard !
Andy F5AKL

In reply to F5AKL:
Voici la réponse André!
Date:04/Apr/2009 Summit:DL/MF-093 (Schliersberg) Call Used:DD1LD/P
73’s QRO

In reply to F5AKL:

Hi Andy,

Sorry about that, I “finally” got my antenna broken close to the quite densely wooded Schliersberg (DL/MF-093) still lying under deep snow. But, Andy, please do not worry, you are in my log.

Thanks also to all chasers for their patience with copying my week signs! Eight of them found their way in my log, too!

73 de Dzianis, DD1LD