DBase not accepting not recognised SB contact for today

I have tried to enter a contact with David GM0EVV/P from today at 12:28 on GM/SB-004 but D/Base does not recognise SB (Scottish Borders ?.

The last time I looked the Scottish Borders region was part of G - England. Select the correct country and it will work.

[editted to say this post is based on wrong assumptions. Everything got clear a few posts further down in the thread]

Hi Ken,
He apparently raised an alert with the wrong callsign (GM instead of the due G) and therefore he was spotted by RBNHole sometimes as GM0EVV/P but he was activating in England and his callsign should have been and indeed was G0EVV/P during today’s activation.
He probably saw this problem and that’s why he sent some Spots through SMS today with the right callsign G0EVV/P.
That’s how you should log him, not GM0EVV/P as this doesn’t obviously match with an English SOTA reference, which is what he actually activated,
Best 73,


Thanks Guys I like to get things right.
73’s Ken

Nope. G/SB-004 straddles England and Scotland. So he was GM0EVV/P on G/SB-004.

Peel Fell is in the G association, but the border runs through the summit and it is possible to operate as a GM on a G summit.

However, what I said still stands valid to me:
He kept sending SMS SPOTs as G0EVV/P despite being spotted by RBNHole as GM0EVV/P



Now I can’t recall what he was actually sending. It’s the problem with copying mentally without writing down callsigns on a paper :blush:
Perhaps he can tell us here.



It can be confusing. David sent his SMS spots using the “send my callsign” option by sending ! G SB004. The ! is converted for UK calls into G0EVV GM0EVV GW0EVV etc. depending the association. It saw G SB004 and so sent G0EVV. The RBNspot is showing GM0EVV so the skimmer must have heard David actually send GM0EVV.

An excellent training example for log what you hear not what is spotted. :wink:

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You are totally RIGHT!

Hi all,
I thought that might cause confusion. I was sending GM0EVV/P very regularly. I was about 50 m into Scotland.

The picture is of the summit cairn from the operating position. The line of posts delineated the border. England is in the distance.The grid ref at the op position was NY 62460 99780. set up from hillbagging.co.uk.
Apologies for the sms errors, Due to a lack of functional grey cells, I mistakenly thought the g in ! g SB004 was the Sota ref not the call, My error soreeee!. Additionally I did put a note on the alert.



Actually it doesn’t. The border continues in an almost straight line following the line of initial approach passing just to the right (East) of Jenny Storie’s stone. The fence turns at a fair angle to the right toward the summit so a small area to the NW of the fence is still in England, At its closest the border is approx 100m NW of the summit.

When I activated SB-004 from GM, I has to use my GPS with the border plotted, to ensure I really was in GM.

Many of the depressions in the summit are not natural but were create by explosive many years ago to allow certain vegetation to grow.

That’s what it looks like from the Scottish side! It was thick mist when I was there. Needed the GPS to find Scotland from the cairn. I guess it was frozen… very gloopy and sink-up-to-your-knees black peat pools.

The blue sky will be on the English side.

Roger the view is towards the North East,

Apology for confusion caused. I will have a better look at Andy’s notes on preparing sms’s.
Yes the GM side of Peel Fell is dangerous for the lone walker. I was talking to a guy in the Gym last week, he had recently fallen into a “Midden” (the gloopy area between the peat hags) up to his neck. Fortunately his palls pulled him out soaked, cold and stinking, but glad to be alive.


The problem David was that everything did exacly what it was meant to. The concept of a G summit activated from GM is confusing as it happens infrequently and it’s reasonable to question why a GM call on a G summit. Similar stuff can happen whenever some activates a border summit from the “other” side.

The summits team have been weeding all the summits with 2 or more references out of the database so it is more likely you’ll hear someone with a different callsign prefix to the summit ref as time moves forward.

an SMS manual is a new addition to the FAQ. I hope that is where you will be looking for the SMS notes. Warning: In my opinion, some of the formatting is terrible. Things written to stand out in a text format, now look as though the dog chewed on it like a snack. Copy the document from the FAQ, and then past it into Notepad for example. That will make it easier to read.

Any way you do look at it, I hope you find it helpful.