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DB7MM/p on DM/HE-103 wrong DLFF-reference

Sorry to all chasers who have logged me on 22.04.2016 for DLFF-00196 while I was activating DM/HE-103. The given DLFF-00196 was wrong, it should have been DL-00196 for COTA/WCA.
When I transferred the reference numbers to my paper log sheet I mixed up DL-00196 and DLFF-00196.
While activating I wondered if the castle 50 m away had a COTA/WCA-reference. But stupid me, I did not get my error.

Sorry to all for the wrong DLFF-reference. As an excuse: You may log COTA/WCA DL-00196 instead. Of course DM/HE-103 is correct.

73 de Michael, DB7MM