DB7MM/P DM/BM-248 vs. BM-001 spots on 08.06.14

Sorry for the confusing selfspot during my activation of DM/BM-248. While filling in the template for my spot I missed to change the default summit reference. So I spotted:

Sun 14:19 DB7MM/P on DM/BM-001 7.151 ssb
*40m again, last band (Posted by DB7MM)

Deleting spots with my mobile phone is quite cumbersome so this erroneous spot was visible until I returned back home.

Of course I was on DM/BM-248 all the time. Thanks Mike, G6TUH, for the correcting spot on 14:22. Your support is -as always- appreciated.

Thanks all for calling Gerhard, DO1GER and me today despite the poor conditions.

73 de Michael, DB7MM