Daylight savings time starting 2019

This is a quick reminder that Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday 31st March in most of Europe.

If you have placed alerts for activations from tomorrow, please review them and ensure you have specified your times in UTC allowing for local time zone changes.


I am hoping that this seasonal time shift may turn out to be the last ever. There is a concerted effort among the EU countries to abandon this seasonal clock adjustment with several proposing to lock into EU BST permanently.

Of course with UK in EU limbo, I have no idea how this will shake out here in G-land but a move to permanent BST in the UK would really suit me.

As an older driver, I will no longer drive after dusk because visibility issues, That means that I am curfewed from 3:30pm in December, at the same time I see early morning light that I cannot use.

G day Jim and Andy I am over Day Light Saving here in Oz its still dark at 7am, we go back to normal time next week. I think its ok during the 3 months of summer but we have it for 6 months crazy.
Ian vk5cz …

In EA2 the morning daylight has been bright enough over the last week or couple of weeks that I wasn’t needing to switch the bathroom and kitchen lights at 7 o’clock CET when I was taking my shower and having my breakfast before going to work because the daylight coming through the windows was dim but enough to do everything without using electric lights.
Now, we change time in order to save energy and we will be back to fully dark again when I’ll take my shower at 6h30 and have my breakfast at about 7 CET. So the electric lights will have to be all switched on again.
It’s indeed a great move in order to save energy…


Looks like the SOTAWatch server has gone and jumped to DST as well?! Spots are currently showing 1 hour in the future…

And we’re back! At 0200z it corrected itself :slight_smile: