Daylight savings time changes

A quick reminder that daylight savings time ends today Saturday 29th 2011 in the UK, mainland Europe and many other parts of the world. The time isn’t changing till next weekend in Canada, USA & Mexico.

For a while we all managed to change clocks at the same time but that didn’t cause enough problems. Now that North America is out of step we can look forward to lots of missed schedules etc.

So if you have alerts scheduled for tomorrow please check the time you have put is the correct one.

Also iPhone owners can see if the goons employed to write iOS have figured out how to calculate alarm times that cross DST changes yet. They’ve had a few shots at this to date and have delivered epic amounts of fail every time so far! :slight_smile:


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A quick reminder that daylight savings time ends today Saturday 29th

Very welcome in the G4MD household. My insistence on using UTC for itineraries instead of “proper time” causes much friction :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD

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My XYL has enough trouble getting it right with one time zone Paul. I’d have no chance her working out two! :rofl:

73 Graham G4FUJ

My XYL’s irritation will be suspended for 5 months now that my shack clock is “right” again!


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It would be much better if they would leave it on BST all year round!

Walt (G3NYY)

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And infinitely better if it stayed on GMT all year round - I LIKE having the sun due south at midday!


Brian G8ADD

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BST or GMT : it doesn’t matter. Daylight hours remain the same, so its either dark in the morning (for early risers) or in the afternoon, or emigrate. If we could afford it we’d settle for winter in EA8!

Dave, G6DTN (and XYL Janis)

In reply to G3NYY:

Well till the other week Walt, I’d have happily settled for BST or GMT but not switching back and forth, with the preference for GMT based on my latitude. Now I have a dual time zone watch all I have to do is twiddle the crown and the hands whizz around to the new time. Time zone changes are almost zero effort. As it has a perpetual calendar and doesn’t need reseting till 2400 if I didn’t have to change time zone I’d never need to do anything to it.

I have heard that those who are pro switching to Double Summer Time that doing this will be a huge boost to the leisure industries etc. and also places us in the same time zone as most of the EU. Interesting if the UK benefits from this completely bizarre time zone choice then obviously those already in CET will want to switch to double summer time too for the benefit it will bring to their leisure industries and ensure their time zone is not sullied by having us Brits in it! :slight_smile:

Funnily I’ve not come across such campaigning for a switch in CET countries making me think the argument is bogus. Who’d have thought, a pressure group not telling the whole truth!