Day Hike on the AT W1/HA-008 Smarts Mountain

We finally got a break in the rain so I was able to sneak away and do a 7.5 mile loop to the summit of Smarts Mountain W1/HA-008.

Although Smarts is only 2400 feet high, it is a moderately challenging hike that introduces AT through hikers to the state of New Hampshire. Technically this summit is not in the White Mountains. But it is a significant peak and tends to condition hikers for some of the summits to follow. The biggest complaint I hear is that there are no switchbacks. This trail always seems to be wet and it’s loaded with biting bugs.
Welcome to New Hampshire!

Band conditions still seem a bit poor but I did manage to double my QSO count compared to last week with 14 in the log. I even worked 2 stations in EU which is something I haven’t done in a while. @F4WBN and @OK1ZE Thanks for chasing.

Hiked up the AT and down the Ranger Trail.

This cabin is available for an overnight. There is also a tent site just below the summit that has enough room for a couple of tents.

Smarts Mountain Fire Tower is no longer active.


I will be in that area next week for camping and it gives me more hiking trail options when I read your stories.
Thanks for the nice report.
73, Eric


Hi Eric,
Always a pleasure hearing from you. Glad to hear you’re coming back next week. My plans are not quite settled yet but if I get out on SOTA I’ll look for you. Always fun to work you S2S.
Fred WX1S


TNX for activating this one and providing the nice report, Fred!


Hi JB,
Thanks for checking in. QSO’s seem to be hard to get these days.
Oh and I forgot to mention, I ran into 5 northbound hikers on the AT. One just graduated High School and is only 18. What a way to start life.
Fred WX1S


Great write-up, Fred. I was glad to make a contact with you. You were my first SOTA contact of the day.
73 Gary


Hi Gary, glad to be there. The bands were not in the best of shape but you were FB copy!
CU on the next one.

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