Day 7 Rheinland-Saarland-Hessen SOTA Tour

The Yorkshire weather is lousy today so I have been doing some catching up… Here is a rather late report of Day 7 of my German tour in May 2023, written in September 2023 and lifted from my blog.
73 Phil G4OBK

After leaving the hotel in Wiesbaden on the penultimate day of my tour, I had three more activations planned in the Hessen region. I soon found that Motorway 66 going west was closed due to extensive roadworks going west, and there were no diversion signs. The Satnav wasn’t much help, but eventually I got into the grid lock on the minor road heading out of the city in the direction of DM/HE-044. I had planned an easy day visiting three summits in the DM/HE area, however I finished the 3rd summit earlier than I anticipated, so after eating my ham and cheese sandwich lunch (picked from the hotel breakfast table :grin:) I studied the map and then added a long drive south of Mainz into the DM/RP, which proved to be a good decision.

  1. DM/HE-044 Kalte Herberge

  2. DM/HE-045 Hohe Wurzel

  3. DM/HE-059 Hohe Kanzel

(Long drive south)

(25). DM/RP-272 Donnersberg

22. DM/HE-044 Kalte Herberge

Parking for DM/HE-044

As you can see from the photo there was a large empty car park in woodland to access DM/HE-044. I made my way up a track for 10 minutes into the activation zone. The wood had been cut, leaving some tall pine trees at the side of the track.

Just a 600m walk with 50m ascent to activate a 6 point summit, easy! 40m CW (29) / SSB (21) was used to make the 50 quick QSOs in good propagation conditions, before making off for DM/HE-045.

23. DM/HE-045 Hohe Wurzel

Shelter on Hohe Wurzel - 5m pole with inverted vee link dipole

Hohe Wurzel was another easy to access summit with a shelter, just a five minute walk from the car to reach it. There was a light shower so I set up inside the shelter and tied of my 5m pole into a nearby tree. 40m SSB/CW and 30m CW was used and the tally included four S2S contacts with M0GQC/P, OK/SQ9MDF/P, HB9EVF/P and DL/HB9BIN/P in the 38 minutes I was operating.

24. DM/HE-059 Hohe Kanzel

It took a little longer to reach DM/HE-059, but not much longer. I parked my car at the end of Nachtigallenweg in the estate shown as “Wildpark” on Locus map. I walked a straight track on to some felled woodland to reach the summit:

Just 40m CW/SSB was used to make 35 contacts with the usual EU stations in SP/ON/OK/HB9/DL/G/PA/I/F/S5/EA2/GW/LA. After going QRT at 10:40z I returned to the car where I had my lunch and contemplated what to do with my afternoon, as there was plenty of time remaining to go somewhere else…

25. DM/RP-272 Donnersberg

I must have been driving for well over an hour on Autobahn 63, arriving at the car park for DM/RP-272 at around 1245z. The car park was within the activation zone, but after such as easy day I decided to walk 1 Km to the actual summit, which had an operating bench adjacent to it…

DL/G4OBKs Meindl fabric boot at the trig point on DM/RP-272

My bench seat for the 33 QSO activation

The 40m SSB rate was poor on this summit, maybe it was the time of day. I only made three contacts using voice with G0FEX, HB9DDZ and 2E0ESY before the callers dried up. The other 30 contacts were on 40m and 30m CW during my 30 minute session. I then drove back to Wiesbaden, deciding to try a Pizza Hut out for my evening meal. It was a very dissapointing meal. The Lasagne I chose was nothing like the real thing. I won’t be returning to Pizza Hut again I said to myself, wishing I had opted to pay a little more for my main meal and eat in the Italian restaurant not far from the hotel where I had eaten on the first night of three in Wiesbaden. I was leaving the next day for my Ryanair flight back to Stansted at Hahn airport, but before that on Tuesday morning there would be time to squeeze in two final six point activations in the DM/RP area before I handed my car back to the rental company and headed through security.


How do you rate that fabric boot Phil? I have Meindl leather boots and was wondering just how well the fabric ones are for durability and performance?

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My feet were bleeding after that days activation of Black Hill GM/SS-167 on 28/08/2021 (We walked up from Castlelaw to make a day out of it with a picnic in the XYLs rucksack). I had a pair of leather Scarpa Kailash boots on. I had them for a year before but never found them comfortable, for some reason that day they made my feet really tender and one foot started bleeding. They were on offer at Go Outdoors reduced at £99.99, not a good buy. I sold them the month after I bought the Meindl fabric ones, and bought the standard Scarpa leather boots instead as a substitute for those Scarpa Kailash as I am a believer in that leather is generally a better material than fabric for the sort of places we SOTA people tend to go.

On that holiday my feet were really sore though. So after coming off Black Hill we I went to Craigdon Sports outdoor shop just off the motorway and I bought these Meindles. Cannot remember the model name. They were the most comfortable of the six fabric boots I tried on, I paid £165 for the. They are very light indeed and less tiring to wear than leather - I wear them for social walking with my walking group or when the route to a SOTA is likely to be good and not waterlogged or boggy (G/TW-001-002-003 for example). The only thing I don’t like about them is that the laces are very fine, quite thin, but they do the job and I haven’t had to replace them.

Scarpa Kailash - not recommended - sold for half of what I paid for them after a years use!

ScreenHunter 319

Just photographed these fabric Meindles, Quite a light sole on them, and gortex lined. They have had two years use, probably worn them on about 50 occasions in that period as a guess. Victor @GI4ONL has some fabric boots he likes. Cannot recall the make. I tried the same on at Craigdon Sports. They were a tougher boot than these Meindles, but not as light and as comfortable for me, especially when I had sore feet and there were a few days activations to go on the holiday, so I just bought the ones that felt like I wearing my slippers!

PS Unlike my leather boots that I generally wash and Kiwi dark tan polish after every walk where they get dirty, these just get a scrub with cold water every now and again, so they are relatively uncared for.

From the same stable Phil, Meindl Pflege II, I really like them, incredibly comfortable and keep the feet dry on wet ground.

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FB Victor, they got a chunkier Vibram sole than mine has and thicker laces.

73 Phil