Day 5 Rhineland-Saarland-Hessen Tour Day 5

Day 5 and by the evening I would be in the DM/HE Hesse area, staying in the largest city in the Hesse region, Weisbaden. Before that I was to activate four more summits in the DM/RP area including meeting up with Joerg DO1DJJ for joint activations on DM/RP-002 and DM/RP-001.

  1. DM/RP-002 Ernst Berg

  2. DM/RP-001 Hohe Acht

  3. DM/RP-470 Karmelenberg

  4. DM/RP-193 Kandrich

14. DM/RP-002 Ernst Berg

My Gasthaus in Udersdorf was only 18 Km from the parking place for DM/RP-002. Joerg DO1DJJ arrived on time for our 20 minute walk through the woodland to the six point summit. There were no other people present amongst the trees. Joerg set up about 20 metres away from me and used the 15m and 2m bands for his activation.

Joerg DO1DJJ oparating with his Yaesu FT-897 with internal battery

I went on the 40m band and finally 30m, to finish with 44 contacts. We packed up and made our way to DM/RP-001, around 35 Km to the east of DM/RP-002.

15. DM/RP-001 Hohe Acht

After driving near to the Nurburgring motor racing circuit we arrived at the parking area for Hohe Acht. We were on the summit within 20 minutes again, this time the walk was less than 1 Km with an ascent of 125m. I set up my station on a picnic table and Joerg set up round the back of the Emperor William (Kaiser Bill) observation tower on the summit. Here is a picture of me and the tower, which was built in 1909:

We both had successful activations, with several people coming up to the tower and climbing it while we were there.

Joerg DO1DJJ and Phil G4OBK on DM/RP-001 Hohe Acht

It had been great to have had Joerg’s company mid way through my tour of the region. Returning to the car park we bade our farewells and I headed off to another summit, DM/RP-408, this however was not to be activated by me today…

16. DM/RP-470 Karmelenberg

DM/RP-408 Hochsimmer was listed as my next summit, however when I reached the parking place at 50.365N 7.216E, north of Ettringen, it was pouring with rain. I didn’t fancy the 4 Km 170m ascent in the rain, so I drove away in the direction of Koblenz, to reach the easy access summit of DM/RP-470, which had a church on the top. It took just 15 minutes walk to reach the top from an official car park:

Parking for DM/RP-470 Karmelenberg

A picnic table and bench had again being supplied for the activators:

It was threatening to rain, so after 17 QSOs on 40m I packed up the station and headed to the last summit of the day.

17. DM/RP-193 Kandrich

After deciding to leave DM/RP-408 I had to find another summit in the direction of Wiesbaden where I was staying for the last three nights of my tour. DM/RP-193 (6 points) looked ideal. Kandrich is located within a wind farm and I parked at the start of a forestry track 2.2 km from the summit. I hadn’t planned my route in advance and once I got nearer the summit I realised I could have parked at the Waldgastatte Emmerichshutte Restaurant which was much closer to the summit:

I wasted 20 minutes walking to the restaurant but as this was my last summit in the day it wasn’t an issue. I set up around 100m from one of the turbines in a QRM free location. The best DX worked of the tour was here - this was a contact with Galih, YC2VOC who has been appearing in EU Activators log regularly this year:

Rain wasn’t threatening and it was pleasant operating in the late afternoon sunshine. I made 25 contacts before calling ceased on 40m SSB. One of the last stations worked was the very active Leszek, who was OK/SQ9MDF/P today, operating from OK/KR-005.


Very nice Phil. Last time I did Hohe Acht, I set up my 5ele sotabeam on top of the tower. A phonecall to Don G0NES just S of Birmingham resulted in a 2m QSO on a flat band. Pity I didn’t have G0RQL’s phone number.


Nice report, Phil!

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That was brilliant Steve. In the “old days” of SOTA there was a lot more 2m SSB operation I believe.

73 Phil

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All the best for your Tour of the DM/RP region starting tomorrow Tonnie.

73 Phil

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An interesting area for SOTA, with my creaky knees it looks ideal! Many thanks for the report. :slight_smile:



Thanks, and I hope to work you from one or more summits. Looking forward……

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW