Dave K2CZH 2xMG congrats!

Congrats to Dave K2CZH on achieving his 2x mountain goat today. Thanks for so many completes Dave! Well done on the achievement


Congratulations, Dave!!!

Vy 73 de Jonathan “JB”

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Hi Dave….congratulations on 2xGoat :goat::goat:

Outstanding job get this one ”in the bag”…and dodging some of the weather we’ve had this year so far too….

Baaaaa :smiley:

Jim / AC3B

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Congratulations Dave, on 2xMG! FB!

Andy, N4LAG

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Congratulations, Dave! Keep it up! :goat: :goat:

Michael, N4DCW

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Congratulations Dave.
Eric VA2EO

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Thanks everyone! I’m a little slow checking the messages. A lot of chasers and a lot of elmers helped enormously along the way.

Funny looking over my original log book, my first three activations were all for zero points. Fourth attempt was for a single point.

Thanks and 73


Congratulations to the 2xMG Dave.

73 and GL de Jan.

Congratulations, Dave! Well done.
73 Gary

Congratulations, Dave!

Congratulations Dave! Thanks for all of the contacts, especially the S2S’s , completes and “future completes”.
73, Scott, K2CPT