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I want to know the use of the bands by JA activators over some time period, but can’t seem to tease this out of the database. I recall seeing this done in the past. Anyone help? 73, Steve

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My approach would be to take an 80:20 of the database and process this off line in SQL or Excel.

Based on the database 80% of the points are from 20% of the stations. So, for JA you need to download about 100 logfiles.

The off line processing is down to your imagination but should give a good feel to answer your question.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

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Steve, I’ve sent you a PM,

Cheers, Rob

You can ask the MT if they can run such a custom query for you.

For a particular summit, you can look on and it will give a graph showing QSOs per band which can be useful if you need detail per summit - for example if a summit has 200 activations but no QSOs on 2m then there may be a reason why.

Rob, how did you send the PM? My email is sfab43 at hotmail dot com. Thanks

Sorry… What or who is the MT?

It’s posted here in the SOTA reflector - just look for a little green envelope icon partially overlaying your own white-on-green “J” icon at the top-right of any Reflector page you are logged into. When you find it, click on it…

Either that, or click on your icon at top-right, look for the envelope icon in the right-hand side of the drop-down and click on that - you should then get a list of PM’s to you from other Reflector users.

PS - also mailed you directly - you may need to check your spam folder,

Thanks… Not sure how to download the entire database of a portion.

MT Management Team Summits on the Air

got it - many tnx

In case anyone is still reading, it was no surprise that 7-MHz is by far the most-used band for SOTA contacts in JA, but the runner-up was a bit of a shock: 433 MHz!


It is a bit tedious

Go to Activator Roll of Honour and select the association you need.

Then for each activator “View” and then “Download complete log”.

With the set of logs then assemble into one log.

Then process the data however you want.

This does not require the MT to access the database for you.

It looks like the MT have got the data for you. :smiley:

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

Please don’t start downloading lots and lots of logs. It places a large load on the DB and can disrupt services for others.

Here’s the disk IO usage for yesterday and today. Yesterday is a typical disk IO usage pattern and today shows the large increase in in disk IO as a number of people are downloading lots of logs.

As I said, if you ask the MT nicely we can produce Association usage figures for you that results in significantly less loading on the server.


He asked nicely:

People stepped in to help. That’s the ham radio spirit right there…