Database upload wont work

I’ve been trying to upload my new log but something went wrong. I’m pretty sure the format is OK. After that I tried to upload again my last week log that I already uploaded without error. Wont work.
The 1st line of my log is

Help needed, TNX in advance.
73 Viktor HA5LV

A quick glance, I think there is a comma ( , ) missing at the end

Thank you! It works!
Anyway I have wrote my own utility to make my life simpler to generate a csv from the ADIF.
I uploaded at least 30 logs without that comma at the end. It was not needed before, something must be changed.
Thanks again for the replay.
73 Viktor

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Indeed it was me :frowning: The error reporting on CSV upload should be better now. Apart from when it does not work, when the reporting is worse!

I’ll have a fix uploaded soon, but the quick fix is to add a comma to the end of the lines without a comment. There is probably something broken in the Chaser upload as well.

If you select “View Results>Facts and Figures” you can find the code version running, now it is Version : 1.4.5598.35786 Created (UTC): 30-Apr-15 19:52:53 and this will change when I upload a fix.