Database updates

Just to let everyone know, I am currently completing all the Database updates for new associations, summit updates etc, this morning. I did hope to have the jobs completed by yesterday (31/12/09), but it has been a very busy time.

Thank you for your patience.


The job-list is as follows:

Z3: EM and WM data updates
VP8: EF and WF uploads
DM: Several region updates
W3: Upload all regions

Unfortunately, I am encountering gremlins in all these tasks this morning. But I am working on it, as are MT colleagues and some of the relevant Association Managers. I will report on progress in this thread later.


W3 association - all regions successfully uploaded.

DM association - NW, RP, SX and TH all successfully uploaded.

Working on bugs with the BM, BW and HE data. No updates to other DM regions.

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Just for info: the “last call” column does not update correctly in the database

es happy new year es gl in 2010

The updates for DM/BM are now in the Database.

The updates for Z3/WM and Z3/EM are now in the Database.

Just two DM regions - BW and HE - and the two VP8 regions (EF & WF) - still on the trouble-shooting list! Those gremlins have proved to be beyond me, so the man himself, Gary G0HJQ is attending to those. Hence a solution should be imminent, and the New Year updates will be complete.



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DM/ND has a lot of valid summits, too. But it is still not active …

Yes indeed Mario but the DM AM assures me that it is “work in progress” and the updates will come later. Something more to look forward to. :slight_smile:

73 ES HNY Marc G0AZS

Nearly there!

We now have VP8 - Falkland Islands (new association) data successfully in the Database.



The VP8 summits do not seem to appear on the Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day page here.

Stewart G0LGS

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I think that the scoring database and the sotawatch database are not shared so I suspect Jon has to manually add a link to the new summits. I believe there was a plan for closer integration of SOTA online resources a while back but I expect life got in the way!



Once all the updates are completed - there’s still two DM regions I am having trouble with - I will let Jon GM4ZFZ know, so he can initiate an update to SOTAwatch.


In reply to M1EYP:

Many thanks Tom (M1EYP) and Marc (G0AZS) for your generous and excellent job for the new DM-summits-list.

Vy73 es HNY de Fritz HB9CSA,DL4FDM (RM DM/HE)

Thank you for the kind comments Fritz.

All Database updates are now completed, thanks to some “fixing” by Gary G0HJQ.

73, Tom M1EYP

Is there any news on the filters that are going to be added onto the database in aid of the Hunter and Explorer certificates? These filters were going to be added on New Years day, but I don’t see any there.

Jimmy M3EYP

A work in progress Jimmy. Mostly completed, but with a few details to be sorted.

I would like to thank everyone involved in updating the association lists for the great work. Unfortunately, Luxembourg is still a white SOTA spot in the middle of Europe. As regional managers of the neighboring regions of the DM association, Walter (DK1BN) and I offer our full support in filling this gap. We already have a precise P100 survey done by a (professional) third party.

I wish you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year!

Vy 73s,
Hardy, DF6PW

In reply to DF6PW:

Yes,great work. Luxembourg has at least 4 hills qualifying for P100.
These places would be also certainly nice ones for DXing. Still LX callsigns guarantee for JA pileups :-).

73 and happy new year from the snowy hills of the Westerwald.