Database updates Nov/Dec 2017

I’ll be doing some database updates over the coming weeks along with getting single sign on (SSO) working. First however is to move the description of the 1st update to this thread where it belongs.

I’m about to update the DB so that you can log data mode contacts as JT65, JT9, FT8, as well as PSK31 and RTTY. They get saved in the DB as Data, just you can have the mode as something else for when you export from your own logging program. This is for uploading logs. Manual entry requires you take from the pulldown.

There are some security issues why I will only allow predefined modes and not wildcard modes such as PSK* or JT* so the list will be “JT9 JT65 FT8 PSK31 RTTY” but if there is a specific data mode anybody wants adding then I’ll consider it. At the same time I’m going to add DV for any digital voice mode as this was requested earlier in the year. A proper note will appear when the update is in place.

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I’ve done (and will continue to do) a fair bit of PSK63 on activations.

Nice move, will save me one particular job I currently need to do when importing my QSOs from my logger.

So that makes the alternatives to Data as JT9, JT65, FT8, PSK31, PSK63 or RTTY along with a new DV for digital voice option.

Any others?


Hellscreiber, MT63, Olivia and SSTV?

And what happens when someone does a bit of moonbounce from a summit using FSK441?

While probably not satisfying everyone, would J2b, J2d, etc not be more appropriate designators?

OK, some database updates.

First a new mode is available for Digital Voice modes. This is DV. You can select this from the dropdown menu when entering logs by hand. No matter which DV mode (D-Star, DMR, Codec2) the database saves them all as DV.

The CSV parser has been enhanced.

For DV modes you can use “DV”, “FUSION”, “DSTAR”, “D-STAR” or “DMR”. The mode inserted into the DB is DV.

For DATA modes you can use “DATA”, “PSK31”, “PSK63”, “JT9”, “JT65”, “FT8” or “FSQ”. The mode inserted into the DB is DATA.

I’m sure there are many more modes but the DV and DATA modes listed will encompass 99.9% of the modes people are using. I don’t intend to add more unless I can see real data saying these other modes are in daily use.

If you have already had DV QSOs and have logged them as DATA or OTHER and want them to be shown as DV then contact me and I can do the changes easily. There is no need for you to update your existing logs as I can do it much more simply.

Finally, the software version has been updated. The version comes from data in the program (major and minor numbers) and the rest is made from the days and time since 1-Jan-2000. We used to be something like 1.4.6432.12345. This has been bumped to 2.1.6538.26431. The change to major version 2 signifies we are using a new compiler / runtime version VS2013 & .net4.5 after using VS2010 & .net4.0 for many, many years. The minor change to 1 signifies this is the 2nd version of the software using these tools as all programmers start counting from 0.

The compile and runtime changes are a fun tale. For the upcoming single sign on (SSO), the 3rd party code that handles the magic only works with .net4.5. To get there (and we’re not there yet) I had to confirm that .net4.5 is supported by our hosts and it is. Then I had to find copy of VS2013 with the right licences which is also done. Then build the old app with the new tools and check it works. Well we have been using such a version since Aug 2017 without issues. The biggest problem I’ve had is the outrage that my employer has expected me to do some work for a change and this has left me with little time for new home software projects, just enough time to keep things ticking over. I do hope to have more time available now we have a finished “the project that would never finish” at work :wink:

As usual, let me know of any problems. I’m sure to have broken something somewhere!

Oh dear, replying to myself…

I forgot to say this update also shows the latest award status for the Mountain Explorer and Mountain Hunter awards. Visible from selecting “My Results>My Awards”.

I seem to have Gold & Buiiness Class for the Mountain Hunter, better send Barry some money for an award. :slight_smile:

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It’s saying I have Mountain Hunter Gold, but I’m certain I have a Mountain Hunter Platinum certificate, so something somewhere is coming up with a different answer…

I’d keep quiet then in case Barry asks you to send it back! :grin:

I’ll have a look.


Aha… an elseif when it shouldn’t have been. I’ll polish that scratch away later tonight and your noble metal status should increase by 1.

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Right, a quick patch done. I’m off to spend sometime with this guy as he has the skills I lack…

A further update. A bug was found in the CSV importer. The (rubbish) code only considered the Region 1 80m frequencies as valid. Anyone from Region 2 entering say a QSO on 3.9MHz would find the database would mark this as a Microwave contact. This should now be fixed but do let me know if you find otherwise.