Database updates for 6m/10m Challenge

For the first time in what seems like an age I have had a chance to update the database. There is now support for scoring the 6m/10m Challenge. This can be found on the “View Results>Challenges>…” sub menu.

The dates of when the challenge runs is shown on the page, only activations/chases in that time frame are scored in the challenge. It works like all the other pages, old style, old school web stuff, none of this Ajax here (yet)!

Note there is a “10m only” button which removes 6m scores from the view. Also there is a “demo mode” button. If you select this and click Show then the display shows what would have happened had we run the challenge last year. i.e. it is looking at 15-May-2014 to 14-Aug-2014 and 15-Dec-2014 to 14-Feb-2015. This is so you can see what the challenge scoring is showing you and then compare that with your logs. This is so you can fully understand how scoring works.

I thought this would be easy to implement and it was trickier than I expected and I’ve learnt some more about SQL. There again every time I play with SQL I learn something new! There’s every chance I will have made a mess of this so please run it in demo mode and look at the results shown versus your logs. If you think the scoring is wrong then let me know and I will dig deeper.


Thanks, like the demo mode. :smile:

Andrew, VK1NAM