Database Update October 2016

I’ve just pushed a few quick tweaks to the database as I actually had some free time.

  1. Alaska is now part of the All W groups. This means that showing honour rolls using All W will now include Alaska activations/chases.

  2. Summit info. Links On the summit information pages were outdated and took people to the old SOTAwatch summit info pages. These are now deprecated and the links have been changed to point the active info pages on

  3. The summit details page was grinding away taking ages to display the summits of newer associations. In the case of Iceland - TF it could take upwards of 20secs to generate the page. Database admins will realise what is happening as I did (data is being scanned not indexed, i.e. every summit out of 100000+ summits was being checked to see if it applied). 30secs analysing the execution plan with MS SQL SSMS got a suggested index design which I applied. Summit details pages now should generate 99.2% faster than before. :wink:

As usual, report any failings just incase I have borked something without thinking.

Database Manager.