Database Update: activation band / mode analysis

I’ve just posted some prototype code to the database that allows a simple view of the bands / modes used in each activation uploaded.

You don’t have to be logged in to do this, so…

Select “View Results”=>“Activator Roll Of Honour”. Then click “View” against a callsign (maybe yours maybe not). You get the normal activator breakdown for the last 12 months. There is a new checkbox “show analysis”.

Click the “show analysis” box and click show. The display now has a band and mode breakdown.

The first box is the band break down for 160/80/60/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6/4/2/70cm/23cm (read down the text). Underneath you can see the following chars for each band.

  • _ means no QSO on this band.
  • Y means that you had 4 or more QSOs on this band and so qualified the summit on this band
  • 1/2/3 means you had 1 or 2 or 3 QSOs on this band

Then we get the mode breakdown for SSB/CW/FM. Again you get the same display.

From these you can see which bands and modes were used and whether you qualified the summit on a particular band or mode.

Now this is experiment code. It works but the display is ugly, obviously designed by someone who used 80col punched cards in their youth :wink: If you think this is useful I’ll spend some time trying to make it less engineer-drawn and more shiny.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager.


Prettier than the RSGB’s propagation forecasts. Interesting, too. – 73, Rick M0LEP

When will I receive my YY__YY_Y_2 certificate? :wink:
Now serious, thank you for the new tool Andy! The more the data can be analysed, the better.

73, _YYY_11___1

The first time I looked the new analysis page, the new columns appeared without the bluish colour on the headers. Refreshing the browser cache, all was displayed right.

I should have said if it looked really, really ugly you should refresh your cache. There was an update to the CSS and that gets cached and sticks even when it changes on the webserver. An update or restart of the browser fixes it.

Very neat idea - I like it! Seems to work for individual
years, but gives an error when used with -All Entries-

[ArgumentException: Column ‘QSO160’ does not belong to table Activations.] > System.Data.DataRow.get_Item(String columnName) +3045696 > SOTA.utils.BandModeCheck(DataRow actRow, String band) in C:\SOTA\SOTADATABASE\utils.cs:1895 > SOTA.ActivatorLog.ShowSummaryLog(DataSet ds) in C:\SOTA\SOTADATABASE\ActivatorLog.aspx.cs:486 > SOTA.ActivatorLog.ShowLog(Boolean showDetails) in C:\SOTA\SOTADATABASE\ActivatorLog.aspx.cs:229 > SOTA.ActivatorLog.lstShow_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\SOTA\SOTADATABASE\ActivatorLog.aspx.cs:666 > System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button.RaisePostBackEvent(String eventArgument) +155 > System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +3804

73, John M0VCM

Also does not appear to count 70cm QSOs, but still
a splendid addition which I would love to see working.


Does now!

Thanks for spotting those bugs John.

That was quick! Still not quite right for individual years on 70cm.
For example, M0VCM activations 2014. Three were 70cm only
(Buckden Pike, White Hill, and Botley Hill) but don’t get their Y.
They are fine with -All Entries- so must be quite a subtle issue.

Yes, as the old DB designer would say “edit ye not the wrong SQL query for the data returned is not what ye seek”

This time, fixed. Well I hope so!

Looks good - thanks Andy!

Judith 2E0MDY and David M6JIB are just home, so I
must tear myself away from the computer now… but
will enthuse about the Database Update over dinner.

73, John M0VCM

I’ve only done one activation this year, so I got the following when I tried the new tool.

The purple didn’t seem to colour the top bar.

So I tried ‘all entries’ and got this result.

I have 2 questions and I can guess the answers already! :slight_smile:

Did you read all the comments in this section? Did you do what was said?

The fix is 7 posts back :wink:

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I seem to remember doing some 60M contacts from Bishop Wilton Wold as well? Or have I misremembered again?

I’ll check the log later to see if I did make contacts on 5MHz way back then.

I’m absolutely sure that I didn’t make any 6M contacts, but I did use 4M and 2M on Bardon Hill.

I wonder if I have an issue with the screen sizing?

AH! I see now.

An F5 helped a lot.

Jolly good, works great for me after a page reload! More hours will be lost looking at this now… :smile:

I’ve tweaked the display to make the columns much more readable.



Hello Andy,
If you look for new analysis… Put the number of activation days… Can have a ratio Point/day… :wink:
Thanks for all

An idea for the future Tof. The main reason for this was to make Barry’s job of checking activation claims easier. e.g. if someone claimed 1000pt all CW, Barry can view their history, select analysis and find where they reach 1000pts. If there is a “Y” in every row for CW then he knows the claim is valid and doesn’t need to do anything else.

So it gives a quick validity check which is important because the number of claims is getting quite significant now.

I received a number of requests for something similar for chaser logs so the same analysis is supported there now. I also fixed a wee feature that has bugged me for a while. There are now 3 extra filter options for chaser logs, show unconfirmed only, show confirmations and the new show analysis. In order for any of these to work you must be logged in. In the past you could select these and the check mark would show but nothing extra happened. Now these options are greyed out if you are not logged in.

So log in, select Chaser Roll of Honour, select a user and in their log view select from the filter options and click show. When the analysis is drawn the original band and mode columns are suppressed just giving the breakdown view. Again the most common bands are included topband to 23cms and SSB/CW/FM.

I’m sure there is a bug waiting for someone in this update. :wink:

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Excellent addition Andy.
Now can you write some code to give me more time to look at it! :wink: