Database Update 26-Aug-2014

I have finally found time to start working on the database again.

This update changes the menu structure slightly. There is now a Challenges submenu with the 12m Challenge tables now displayed here. Also in My Results you will find 2 new displays, My Microwave Activator Log and My Microwave Chaser Log. These pages will display any microwave contacts you have logged since the start of the Microwave Award and if you have correctly entered the location for your QSO partner, then the distance between you is shown as well. S2S Log is not yet updated nor are there honour roll pages. I wanted to get something up so that people who are interested in microwave activity can see how they are doing. It is possible to use the existing S2S display to show the distance between summits and this can be used as a stopgap. Also the All W and All VK meta-associations have been updated due to the imminent arrival of some new associations.

I have been working on some internal changes to aid the SOTA mapping website and now I have the basic microwave pages working, I can concentrate on getting that functional.

As we have a new piece of forum software with categories and better sorting and messaging facilities, if you find any bugs in these updates etc. then you can place the reports into this thread.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager