Database stats for June

I was having a general cleanup and shufty on the database server and thought the figures for June may interest people to show just how much activity there is on there.

Real user traffic is the stuff you and I do. i.e. people connecting to the server with a browser and looking at the pages. Everything else is probably a search engine spidering the pages.

Real user traffic

Unique visitors: 5867
Number of visits: 12505 (2.13 visits/visitor)
Pages: 310335 (24.81 Pages/Visit)
Hits: 357112 (28.55 Hits/Visit)
Bandwidth: 5.01 GB (420.01 KB/Visit)

Search engines/web spiders etc.

Pages: 128530
Hits: 135870
Bandwidth: 3.29 GB


In reply to MM0FMF:

Average time spent on the ‘Spots’ page:18 hours 26 minutes 13 seconds

…but that is just me ;0)