Database slow

Anyone else having trouble with the SOTA database?

Just taken me 15 minutes to enter one chase. 126.550 seconds from clicking Database on SOTAwatch2 to getting the Home page. 184.620 seconds from clicking GW to getting the box up to select NW. At the moment speed check tells me I am running at 2.5meg and I have nothing else running. Tried pinging the database server as a check but just getting time outs. It was the same last night but okay this morning.


Hi Steve,

Database is working OK here.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

Working here but incredibly slow 917.170 seconds for a single page to load.
Logged on to database at 18:55 local entered five contacts and finished at 19:37 a total of 42 minutes. Everything else seems to be running normally including SOTAwatch2, eBay etc.

Steve GW7AAV

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Hi Steve.It was the same for me this morning but was all ok after I did a computor restart.73 ATB Geoff.

In reply to GW7AAV:

Uploaded 10 contacts via web interface in 3 minutes (20:57-21:00). No problem noted here.



Hi Richard,

I had no problems uploading any chasers logs today, so the database is OK here as well.

Jimmy M3EYP