Database question - edit activation call

Today’s activation in OK with many S2S I successfully entered and uploaded via the database interface. But I entered DL1CR/P and not OK/DL1CR/P. Is there an easy way to change it afterwards?
73 Chris

You can edit your logs now.

Ok, Andy. I know the way to edit the entries of the qsos. But I don’t know the way to edit the top entries - my call - my summit - date

When you edit your activation the callsign and so on are in the header of the form:
Uploads > Manage Uploads


Edit the activation

Change general details in header


Ah, yes. I’ve never tried that yet :blush: I started using CSVs just when Andrew produced the new Sotadata so I’ve stuck with uploading a file. I should learn how it works.

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Joe, you make my day, tnx. But I guess, I lost all my refs of S2S by editing my entries. Joe, your ref are still visible.

After saving or on beginning the edit?

At the beginning and before my first edit

No. Looks like I can change callsign and summit without loosing S2S

Ok, now I reenter all the refs, not a big thing.
Tnx for help!

I added the refs and now all are displayed when editing. Very strange…