Database problems? 08/03/22

Is anyone else having problems with the SOTA database? i dont appear to be able to load anything. a bit more investigation and i get the message
“SQLSTATE[HY000] Unable to connect: Adaptive Server is unavailable or does not exist ( (severity 9)”]

I get it if i use the mapping too, same message!


Alan de 2E0JWA

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Doesn’t look like the spots are working on Sotawatch3 either?

Yes same problems here, just trying to upload my log from the weekend.

sotadb seems to be down:

Recovery is underway… this has to happen when I have to visit the office to reboot some dead servers.

SOTAwatch accepted a spot from me and database returned my log. DB should be ok but I will check when I get home in 1hr or so.


SOTAWatch fixed in time to alert the activity of Michael GW0POT/P on GW/SW-015. I worked him just before you restored the service Andy and now he’s very busy as he got spotted, 2nd time lucky with my spot just after I saw your microwave test spot come through on your cluster.

Many TNX OM es 73 Phil

Thanks guys, glad its not just me!

Cheers de 2E0JWA

So that is why I could not edit our alerts today to reflect our early arrival. Good to know that there was good reason rather than mere incompetence on my part.
Hope we shall be roughly to time on Wednesday.
Thanks to Andy for sorting it out.

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I’m not sure if something else is wobbling - wyhen following the link for a summit SOTA Summits I’m getting a database error
Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01FXQFMKK5E4AP7SREKAC3WFCB


When I click your link I get the Foel Fenli GW/NW-051 page displaying fine.

… and just like some tech problems it is now working well… but it didn’t earlier (honest!). Thanks for checking. Paul

It’s always possible you hit one of the servers when something was updating itself. Or possibly something had failed and was restarting.

The outage yesterday was caused by an out of memory error. The DB engine runs on its own server and it handles summit, association, regioninfo and all the user logs. That’s all it does. Yesterday something as yet unidentified did something that meant all 3GB of memory was used. More was needed and there was no more. At this point the wheels came off the car and the DB engine said sayonara and stopped. No more DB engine = no summits info = no SOTAwatch. No DB engine means no viewing or adding QSO logs.

I was sat in the server room in the office trying to get a recalcitrant Ubuntu 16 computer to play nice and only when someone bugged me on Teams did I look at my laptop and notice we had a suboptimal SOTA service level :wink: Fixing that is more important than keeping a $45B corporation running so the Ubuntu machine had to wait. All I did was log into the DB server, view the log, see that it had exhausted the memory and restart the DB engine. Sometimes another component needs a kick when it has been unable to talk to the DB engine but everything was working as soon as the DB engine came online. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! The Ubuntu machine is still broken however.


I am being nosy, what OS and what hardware does the SOTA system run on ?

It’s all virtualised hardware running Linux. There’s nothing humongous, just several single or twin core Xeons, 4GB ram, 1GB ethernet and 40GB SSD allocations.


Thanks Andy - even fixing an Ubantu machine sounds positivly exciting when compared with the second school website audit of the day… todays highlight was finding the solution to why one of our establishments with over 50 employees was struggling with Teams - it could be explained by them buying a 10 Mbps connection… on the positive side I only put up with this four days a week now… and there is always a gale for my SOTA day on a Friday . Paul


I’m unable to use de SOTA Data Menu as it has a kind of extraneous Menu over the original one.

Maybe consequence of the actualizations?

Which OS?
Which browser?
Which device?

Samsung A71

In the desktop (Ubuntu 20.04 + Chrome) it’s working.

Try reloading - the embedded icon font hasn’t downloaded.

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