Database problem: Important

We currently have a problem with the database such that no new QSOs can be added.

A support ticket has been raised but as it is the weekend, there may be no detailed reply till Monday.

At this point I have 2 choices. I can disable the database so that nobody can attempt to add new QSOs. The downside is it will not be available at all and everything else is working fine. Or I can leave it so that when anyone tries to add new QSOs they get an error. I have decided to leave it in this state.

There’s no point creating more and more threads about the inability to upload log, we know!

I’ll make this sticky so it remains on the 1st page of threads and will update it when there is news.


Don’t all try at once!

The database fixes are in place and a number of people have been invited to test it is functional and have reported it is working. The issue was a configuration parameter which had not been migrated when we moved to the new server earlier this year, sorted now.

So it should be fine for people to use again. The only worry I have is there will be a huge rush of people trying to add logs at the same time and it may not give stellar performance or worse.

As I said at the start, don’t all try at once.