Database pictures

Every time you open the SOTA database a different picture appears from people activating a mountain.

Who is the lady?


In reply to ON3WAB:

Without seeing what you are seeing I would think it is the late and very much missed Shirley GW0YLS. So far the only YL Mountain Goat.

May she rest in peace,

Roger G4OWG

Oh I’m sorry to hear that, Roger.

It is the only female in the list of pictures so it will be her.

Indeed may she rest in peace


In reply to ON3WAB:
Hi Peter, if you look on my web site under SOTA m0sgb as I’ve got a photo of this nice lady, like Roger said the only lady to be a mountain-goat, may she rest in peace in the big sota in the sky,
god bless our SHIRLEY.

Steve m0sgb

In reply to ON3WAB:

Like you Peter, I always wondered who this lady was. In the photos she has such a warm and friendly smile and I am sure she is sadly missed.


In reply to GW0DSP:
Shirley was the first YL I “met” on air and at the same time my first introduction to SOTA. We had a bit of friendly rivalry going on as I was a class “B” and she was an M3. We had an unoffical race to class “A”. I won but she didn’t hold it against me! I met her at the Llandudno Rally a couple of times as well. Always very pleasant and approachable.
I still think an award of some description in her memory and honour would be a good idea.