Database out ?

Hi all,

Since 10:24 UTC I can’t log any chaser QSO directly or not. :woozy_face:

73, Éric

Nor I Eric

It’s fixed now.

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Hi Eric,
I have the same problem here.

73 de Jan

Merci Andrew :+1:

Cheers Andrew

Sorry, half solution… no working on

Firstly, is not the latest, use Second, I can see your queries are being handled correctly.

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I have seen the same problem at 10:04 UTC by direct login.
Now it’s OK, I was able to log the qso’s
Thanks a lot
Laurent de F8CZI

Yes until you erase your pending entries on SD3 will not work, after a clean entry menu worked perfectly :+1: took me 2 hour to understand

Many thanks 73

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