Database Issue

I was loading up today’s activation and noticed that my activation score had dropped. After some research I tracked it down to my activations of VK3/VE-071 show the activation but the points are zero and no bonus points. I activated the summit as VK3MCD (old call sign) on the following dates:
I did a quick of others who have activated the summit and they appear to have received the points.
Can we have someone check this out.

The reason is due a points change on that summit. However, the sheet describing VK3/VE is malformed and VKVE-071 has had it’s start date changed in error. It will get fixed but not for a day or so. The next activation you enter after the summit info is fixed will automatically fix your score.

I’ve now fixed this and restored the old points values for activations before 1-nov-2019. Anyone who has activated this summit and lost old points will find the points will come back when they next enter an activation for any summit.

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