Database issue showing S2S results

I found an inconsistency in the database. When searching for the global S2S in 2020 and in SSB mode, the correct values ​​are displayed for some page views (Figure 1) and sometimes the total number (Figure 2)

73 Chris

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Chris, contact Andy direct via the website, its quicker than waiting for him to look at the reflector.

Without any context or description of how you reached those page views there is little to be said or done.

Some details on what you did would help determine if it’s a bug, a feature, or user error.

Thank you very much for your quick reply

I open the page by using the menue and play with the parameter Associations, Year, …
Sometime it shows the correct datas and sometime not.

I could not yet understand the reason for the error. The selection menu may not be considered correctly at times.

73 Chris

Hi Chris, your first graphic is showing data from just 2020. The second graphic is showing data for ALL YEARS - even though it says 2020.

Try a Ctrl+F5 to clear cache and try again perhaps?

73 Ed.

If you cannot describe exactly the order in which you changed the options, the exact order of buttons, mouse clicks, gestures along with the software you are using then how is anyone else meant to reproduce the problem so they can fix the problem?