Database issue in G/DC region - is Hensbarrow Beacon the cause?

I did have a 100% completion record for G/DC as a chaser and activator however I now have 87.5% completion in both categories.

The old Hensbarrow Beacon location G/DC-004 is still valid I understand and the new location on top of the spoil heap has not yet been allocated a reference. It looks to me that the database may be ahead of itself otherwise my 100% completion record for G/DC (and indeed England) would still be intact.

I wondered if anyone else who has completed all G/DC as an activator or chaser can check if they have the same finding in the database as I have?

73 de Phil G4OBK

Hmmm… it should cope with summits not valid. It copes with old summits no longer valid. I wonder if I didn’t check the future. Ferry back from Lerwick tonight, so I’ll have a butcher’s tomorrow.

You’re not alone though.

Thanks Andy - and well done with your exploits in the far north.

73 Phil

I asked Tom about this several weeks ago, he said it will correct in September!