Database host having issues

The server the DB webapp runs on is misbehaving. This means that you will get forcibly logged out after a short time instead of 10mins of inactivity. It also means it is nigh on impossible to submit activations or chases.

Please do not try to log in and submit data until further notice. The hosting company is aware and is working on this. It will speed things up if you don’t try to log in. That gives the host’s staff a chance to view cleaner logs of just their activity without all sorts of other noise appearing.

I’ll say that again, don’t log in till you see a fixed message from me. I’ll have a look at the access logs later to see who was unable to follow this request :wink:

Andy, MM0FMF
Database dude (trying to fix this for you, earn a living with recalcitrant customers and have new furniture delivered at the same time.)


[quote=“MM0FMF, post:1, topic:11750”]
Database dude (trying to fix this for you, earn a living with recalcitrant customers and have new furniture delivered at the same time.)
[/quote] have a Scaaatch!

Sorry Andy did try a couple of times,slapped wrist didn’t see the messages as I run a split page on screen with rxcluster,Sorry.G0RQL.

Sorry Andy used my shortcut straight to DB without checking Reflector first. Wrist slapped :frowning:

Sorry Andy, just sent you a message saying I was having problems. Now I’ve read this I won’t try again!


Not long ago this afternoon, I logged on to the database and successfully uploaded today’s chaser log. Everything went apparently OK for me, but now that I’ve seen these messages about the issues and asking us not to attempt, I’ll double check later after your fix confirmation message.
73 de Guru

Can you get this thread Pinned as Important at the top of the Reflector main screen please Andy?

I think this is important enough that all see it.

Thanks Ed.

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Sorry Andy. Went to the database this afternoon and had trouble. I then went to have a look at the messages. Wrist slapped also.
John G4TQE.

I can find out who accessed it after they read this message, they’re the people going in the naughty book. :wink:

It’s 1904Z and sadly, it’s going to be like this for at least another 12hrs. Sorry, but that’s the way things are.

Well, that is me in for a good splaain’ - hangs head in shame :frowning:

Sorry, but I made several unsuccessful tries today to update my chaser points and then saw your “don’t try it” message. I’ll stand by until I see that it’s OK.



Same to me. I just log on by query from Japan SOTA members, about this malfunction. If this is so important to avoid log on, it need to be announced to association managers. Quite a few peoples are checking this reflector. I will announce in Japan SOTA ML.

Yes - me too. Got it set up to log me in whenever I go to the page from my computer. SORRY. I will stay away from all SOTA until someone tells the North American reflector that it is OK again.

Upps not “quite a few” should be read “few”. Anyway I have notified to all JP ML not accessing DB till next announcement.

Andy -

Sorry - I didn’t see your message until after several failed attempts at submitting a log. Thank you for letting us know that there is a problem at your end!


George Carey Fuller

I think I know what the cause of the issue is but it is not yet fixed at 1216Z. So please do not login yet.

Somebody suggested I should stop logins happening until the issue is fixed, the problem with that is that it changes the system. Changing the system may cause the problem to get masked so that I think it is fixed when in fact it isn’t.

I’ve taken some remedial measures but they take time to filter through so the database may well remain broken for at least another 24 hours. Sorry.


Is there a way we can download our logs - just in case?


Which bit of don’t log in are you having difficulty with?

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Is there a way to put this warning on the Database Home Page?