Database having issues?

I entered in a log and they didnt show up? Also the on line entry seems to not go through either.

Thank you!

Kent K9EZ

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There was a small disturbance to the force* but it’s OK now.

* The disturbance was absolutely nothing to do with me cleaning up callsigns. :blush:

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You can/should always check to see if there is a known problem before asking in the Reflector, it saves everyone’s time.


Hah - very useful! Now, if only there were an easily-locatable link to this page so that people could … easily locate … it, that would be a great service to the users. At the moment, the nearest to this I could find in the SOTA Home site is the entry at the bottom of the Summits on the Air FAQ page, where this appears:

Q: I have a problem with your website and cannot find something or you website does not appear to be working?

A: Please let us know if you are having problems with any of the on-line services. But first please do some simple debugging. Visit the website and enter the SOTA website address you are having problems with. This will help you find out if the problem is with our equipment or your equipment … etc…

The status link you quoted is a marked improvement on this “check in a different site to see what’s up with this site” scenario. Time for an update to the FAQ docs?

Cheers, Rob


Sorry I took so much of your day :rofl: :roll_eyes: You spent far more time reading it (you could have just passed it over) and even responded, which wastes more of our time :rofl:

Have a great day! :smiley:

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Exactly I did do this link but of course it didnt show anything. Good to know about the status link! Thanks G8TMV!

Just to waste some more time - have a great day!


I tried to find a link to it too but failed. I think the obvious place for a link would be on the sub-menu from the “SOTA Links” button on the reflector - maybe right next to the “Contact SOTA” entry :wink:

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Not sure if that related or just a problem at my provider but and sotadata are not working at all at the moment :dizzy_face:
Reflector is fine and other pages too.

Here is all working fine, using two different providers.
73 Stephan

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Okay thanks Stephan. Then I guess a local issue.
73 Joe

I’ve read a few comments on here that some people in Germany (and I know Austria is not Germany!) having routing problems. i.e. they can’t hit parts of the web but everything else is OK. It could be related.

So the choices are which shows you if the individual components of the infrastructure are working. It uses our DNS entries but is not hosted in the same place as the database/ API servers etc. It will let you see if there are issues we know about. More important you can see if you can hit that site but none of the SOTA ones then it could be a routing issue for you. It could be an issue at our hosting site.

At this point downdetector is a good idea because it uses a variety of routes to reach the website you ask it to check and that again would show the sites are working suggesting it’s a routing issue for your ISP.

Finally, and this only applies if your ISP and your mobile provider are not the same company… if you cannot access the sites via your ISP you can check on your phone. One not working and the other fine, it again suggests a routing issue.

Of course there are plenty of occasions when these tests are inconclusive but they should give you a reasonable degree of confidence in knowing where there may be a problem.