Database CSV download doesn't contain S2S references

Just wondering if this is a feature or bug - when I download an activation as a CSV file it doesn’t contain S2S references.

The example image below shows a CSV file created by Fast Log Entry on the left, and the database CSV export on the right.

Thanks a lot, Mark.

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A specific S2S QSO is a chase QSO.

EDIT (Don’t click the button before you finish typing Andy!)

An activation contains all the QSOs you made from the summit. An activation has no interest in the location of any of those QSO partners as long as the other station was not in your AZ.

A chase QSO has no interest in your location only the other station’s location.

An S2S is a special chase… we’re interested in where the other station was and also your own location.

So an activation log will not contain info on where the other stations are located.

It’s a feature/bug (a frug?). If you download via manage uploads it’ll get the full lot. If you go direct it doesn’t. At some not too distant point this will change to only deal with uploads


Thanks Andrew/Andy

Manage uploads sounds great, but does that only show uploads if they are CSV format and not ADIF. I don’t get anything there? I also like the idea of effectively cancelling an upload, because at the moment if I make a mistake I have to choose between unpicking my upload file for the issue, deleting from the database and possibly S2S and reuploading, or deleting the upload and all S2S manually then reuploading.

@MM0FMF Andy - I understand what you are saying and it makes perfect logical sesnse, but I believe you’re letting implementation details cloud what the user probably wants when they click that download button :wink: I know this because I do it all the time in my day job.


The user gets what someone is prepared to write for free!

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It should generate a CSV from scratch regardless of how the upload was created. If it doesn’t, I have broken something recently (highly plausible)

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All your activations since 5th May 2021 show an upload ID in the DB console as do many chases and S2S QSOs which means they should appear in manage uploads.

This is what I see. I have mostly been uploading ADIF files, with the occassional CSV file.

That’s odd. I checked as both me and you and neither shows an list of uploads. This is one for Andrew.


Appears now. Is it possible to raise a feature request to ask for S2S references to be included in the export CSV? Pretty please.



That would be jolly useful! Can I add another pretty to the please :slight_smile:

I tested with the manage uploads feature and it worked for me (minus a slight bug for S2S that cross UTC boundaries). I am not going to backport it to the activations page because of the way the new version will handle it - and the fact there’s probably not a huge demand to download activations older than 2020, and also because prior to the upload feature, there’s no direct link between all the different tables so it’ll require a bunch of postprocessing.

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Hi Andrew

Yes, when I tested it I got the full file with S2S. Sorry, I wasn’t aware of this feature until recently and it works great for my uploads.

The only disadvantage for me is if I want to visualize someones’s activation via the activator role of honour then the S2S’s aren’t listed there.

Thanks, Mark,

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They are but not marked as such.

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