Database churning ?

Hi, Is anyone else having trouble verifying a log in the database ?
I’ve just typed my second log for today and just get the message below and a churning verify.
Just wondering if it’s the database or an error in my log.

Http failure response for 500 OK

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Check first. That shows everything is up.

When I had a detailed look, I find API1 server is currently down. But it’s been down for 72 hours!!! Andrew has built us such a good system the rest of the API system just picked up the load and and I only noticed when checking. We have a health service running on each server… the health service is running fine which is why is happy. Grr!

I’ll go and restart it when I have looked at the log.

For your QSO logs Andy, did you type it in or upload it? If you uploaded it then mail me (andy.mm0fmf AT the file because bad files can blow up the parser still.

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Hi Andy,
Thank you for the rapid response.
I just typed in my log and got the problem when I went to verify it.
I logged out and went back in and restored the upload but got the same problem.
My first upload for this mornings activation was trouble free.

Just leave it as it is and I’ll look at the DB-API server logs.

I can’t see anything or I’m looking in the wrong place. Can I strongly suggest you start using ADIF/CSV or FLE uploads because it makes fixing these issues so much simpler.

Anyway API1 is up again, you can see the traffic building on it and dropping on the other.

API1 traffic

API2 traffic


Hi Andy,
I just deleted it and typed it in again, everything worked fine this time.
I’ll look at other logging options for the future.
Thanks for your help.
On another subject, when I was activating Tinto on Tuesday this week a group of walkers came past and asked me if I was Andy Sinclair the SOTA operator !
They seemed to know about you but don’t seem to know what you looked like.
Maybe it was the cold wind…
It was bitter and my phone eventually went dark screen then shut down whilst I was trying to post a spot.
I took the hint and packed up.
The Damn Delicious farm shop near the carpark did a fine hot chocolate and Lorne sausage roll which revived me.

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I’ve met a guy I work with on a summit when I was activating and he was out walking. I’ve met a guy (and his XYL) who I used to work with before he retired on a summit. And I’ve met a few people on different summits who remember me from other summits. A couple I met on Ben Ledi were on Scald Law the following week and remembered me from having bag with a pole on the side. And it must be Ben Ledi… I met a guy on The Merrick in 2007 and we chatted about the best route to find The Grey Man of Merrick.

(c) Walter Baxter

I met him when climbing Ben Ledi and he was on the way down. He remembered me from asking about The Grey Man and that was after 5 or more years. It must the uncanny resemblance I have to George Clooney.

Not sure who the people you met would be.