Database Changes and New Features

Over the coming days I’ll be updating the database to support SWL Logging as well as fixing a number of bugs, buglets and features.

Tom M1EYP has run a successful SOTA SWL scheme for a long time and he’s been after support in the main database for a while now. This became more important when the size of SWL records exceeded simple home administration. In fact the scheme has been in limbo because of this and mainline support will enable it to continue.

Over the coming days, you’ll notice some of the database web pages change, there’ll be references mentioning chasing, S2S or SWL logging although nobody will be able to log any SWL chases. Once I can confirm the changes have not broken existing database functions, I will enable SWL features. People who wish to take part can then extend their database account to include SWL logging. If you are not interested in SWL logging you need do nothing whatsoever. More details when the time arrives.

The existing SWL logs will be uploaded by myself or Tom once those existing SWLers have enabled their accounts. Again more details to follow.

There are a number of other changes. I’ve fixed some bugs (that’s where you know that something is not working and I agree with you) and some features (that’s where you say something is not working and I agree it could be better but don’t admit it’s not working) and also some buglets (that’s were you say it’s broken, I know it’s broken but I assert it’s working fine)!

Once this major update is in place I can work on 2 other crucial improvements. One is to aid Barry in checking awards and the other is to provide a method for Rob DM1CM’s excellent SOTA mapping resource to obtain data directly. This will simplify Rob’s life no end and mean that the mapping of activations will be available not too long after it is logged.

The changes should not cause any noticeably disruptions but Murphy lurks around every corner, so if things to go pear-shaped then your patience whilst we fix things is requested.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager

In reply to MM0FMF:

SWL logging code for the database has been uploaded but it is not yet enabled. This means you cannot create and SWL account or add SWL chases yet. I will enable this shortly.

In the meantime, everything else should work as before…