DARC Event for Activator Newcomer

Hi Sota Family,

in the next Weeks the DARC organize events for Activator Newcomers.

The Highlight should be 13.5.2023

73 Michael


Short English summary of the event series.
The target is to motivate doing activations, e.g. by SOTA, GMA, DLFF.

25-April: Introduction presentation, discussion, Q&A on Treff.DARC (online platform)

27-April: Pile-up training on Treff.DARC (online)

April/May: experienced activators and newcomer build groups and organize their upcoming activation day on 13-May

13-May: Morning until 14:00 MESZ: Activation day, experienced activators meet with newcomers doing joint activations

14-May: Feedback session via Treff.DARC.

The online sessions will be held in German (sorry), but we count on you for the Activation day!

73, Klaus

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On Tuesday 25-April the introduction presentation for Activator newcomer took place on Treff.DARC. More than 120 participants were online, surely not all of them newcomer :slight_smile: I recognized a lot of well known callsign from out of the SOTA community. Many of them involved with their experiences, tips and tricks by chat and voice. Thanks for that, it enriched our presentation and created as well best practive exchange. Even if the session lasted longer than expected (more than 2.5 hours) still more than 100 participants stayed online.

Two days later, on 27-April the pile-up training took place. Thanks to Andreas DJ3EI for the preparation of this simulation. Based on real callsigns participants could simulate pile-ups in CW and voice on the online platform Treff.DARC. Andreas as well added possible S2S and potential chasers which violated rules. In the simulation one participant owned the activiator-role, whereas the others played the chasers, throwing callsigns and S2S. About 15 people were online, unfortunately not so much newcomers. Thanks again to all participants for being actice on that experiment.

Now we are curiously waiting how many activator newcomer will sign into the search/offer list for being part on the activiation day on 13-May. We hope and count on many experienced and non-experienced activators jointly being on-air 13-May morning until 12:00 UTC, regardless if it is SOTA, GMA, WWFF or POTA. Let´s have fun on that common ham radio field activiation morning. Chasers please watch alerts and spots. Activators, there are chances for S2S!

More info to the whole event series please find here. (Sorry, just in German language)

73, Klaus


Thanks, Klaus, for all your efforts to bring outdoor activities to further possibly future fellows. It was interesting for me as one of these experienced participants to see a co-teaching with that many people online. I met a good spirit, and the time problem is an old partner of any presentator. But it was not a problem at all, and the newbies certainly noticed that there is good will available to support them for a smooth and sustainable start to a bright future – as long as they take the opportunity, depending on already well filled agendas.

I hope that many will take profit from the club’s offer to do joint activations on May 13. HB9SOTA members will be on their General Meeting that day, but you can probably expect some of them activating the nearby Röti summit, HB/SO-003 after lunch.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ