Daniel DM1DF Baaahhhh

Daniel @DM1DF achieved his first mountain goat today with the activation of Schwarzriegel DM/BM-368.

So the new year can begin :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations Daniel :+1: Keep enjoying the hobby.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Congratulations Daniel for reaching mountain goat.

For his mountaing goat activation @DM1DF has returned to DM/BM-368 where it all started on November, 7th, 2020. With his first QSOs ever as a ham radio operator he has done his first SOTA activation and was instantly bitten by the SOTA tick. Meanwhile he has done 130 activations of 99 unique summits in 9 associations. He is also the first activator of 9A/PH-059 and OK/JC-133.

Thanks for all the QSOs (including the very first), our joint activations and have fun with SOTA!

73 de Michael, DB7MM


Congratulations and great fun that I was part of this journey on our hike to the Kalmberge near Bad Goisern.

Enjoy the beginnings of the herd :goat:

73 Joe


Congratiulations to Daniel @DM1DF on reaching 1000 points and becoming Mountain Goat!

73 Martin

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Congratulations Daniel!

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Congratulations on your first mountain goat…
…the first one is the hardest.

73 Armin

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Congratulations Daniel on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Thanks for the congratulations! Was a pleasure! Also thanks to all chasers, activators and SOTA friends!

See you on the bands.

73 de Daniel, DM1DF


Congrats, Daniel, on achieving mountain Goat
That’s indeed a good start for 2024 :grinning:
Have lots of fun with SOTA and hope to cu on the air soon!

73, Roman

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Congratulations Daniel on the MG and also a happy new year full of SOTA.

Hope to meet you again on the bands.

73 Ludwig

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Congratulation Daniel!

Take Care and 73 Michael

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Hi Daniel,
Congratulations on achieving the first Mountain Goat. Thank you for numerous QSO’s and wish you many more good activities.
Best 73

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