Daily Digest not arrived

Hi All
I usually receive a daily digest of SOTAwatch reflector traffic but I don’t seem to have received this for a few days. Does anyone else have the same problem and does our moderator (who I think is Jon), know how I can check whether I am still subscribed for this daily digest.

Thanks and 73
Phil G4OBK

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You may find it best to put your query direct to Jon in case he misses it here in amongst the other noise! His email address is here:

He is not really a Moderator but he does do all the clever stuff with SW2.



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OK Ric

I’ve contacted Jon directly now.


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Thanks Phil,

Yes I can confirm it is broken. I also have not been getting it the last few days either. Unfortunately I haven’t had an opportunity to look at it properly yet. I am in wall to wall meetings in London this week but should be able to address this at the weekend.



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No worries, thanks very much Jon.


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It seems the SMTP server had crashed. I’ve restarted it and it seems to be fine now. Hopefully email digests will go out tonight.

The test page also works now.

73, Jon