Czech smash and grab tomorrow, Monday at OK/ST-084

I’m planning on leaving the family sightseeing and nipping off to the closest peak to Prague tomorrow.

Plan to get on the air around 14:30 UTC tomorrow (Monday).

Will try 40m and 20m.

If you are available to chase I’ll be a happy camper.


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Time of week/day doesn’t make it easy and bands seemed a little tough.

Nevertheless, mission accomplished and huge thanks to all my chasers today!


Conditions deteriorated over night (yesterday on 40m was quite good).
Listened for you on both 40 & 20m Paul, nothing heard here, but I heard several chasers calling you, so well done.

Good luck with the rest of the trip,

73 Ed DD5LP.


Thanks for trying!


Nice one Paul nipping off like that,thanks for the 2 bands,at first I thought 40 was going
to be a miss and all of a sudden you appeared out of the noise.
Hopefully see you on another,have a good trip.
73 Don G0RQL.


Thanks and I’m always surprised when both 20 and 40 afford a qso pretty much at the same time over a few hundred miles.


Hi Paul,
Well done on yesterday. It was a bit tricky chasing you but we made it.
73 Andrew G4AFI


Thanks and at first I was a bit worried as I was calling and calling and for a moment thought I might not be able to activate it.

So thanks for being a chaser!!