Cyrniau Nod GW/NW-034 and others-GW4VPX

Hi everyone…

Just a brief post to say my latest activations of Cyrniau Nod GW/NW-034 and Mynydd Nodol GW/NW-048 are up on my blog Thanks to all the chasers and activators for the contacts…the latest two have been very busy activations. 73 Allan GW4VPX

GW4VPX/p Cyrniau Nod -GW/NW-034

Lake Vyrnwy late evening on the way home from Cyrniau Nod GW/NW-034

GW4VPX/p on Mynydd Nodol GW/NW-048 with Arenig Fawr as backdrop


Beautiful pictures Allan.
I also enjoyed reading your report.
Thank you very much for sharing with us.
73 de Guru

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Love the Lake Vynnwy picture. I was also pleasantly surprised when you came back to my 2m FM call. It was rather a fight (with gorse) to get the HF antenna up on Brighstone, so we thought we had missed the S2S opportunity. There seemed to be some lift conditions - earlier that day I’d only worked 5 stations on 2n FM from St Boniface Down, but they were all in the Midlands, and Martyn got as far as Liverpool on 2m SSB with just a dipole.

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I discovered that a couple of weeks ago - I still have the scars to prove the battle with the gorse.

73 Glyn

Useful blog entry for this summit, Alan. Diolch yn fawr iawn.
Does anyone know the state of the Hirnant Pass? If it’s open I’d like to attempt the activation of Cyrniau Nod this Saturday 5th March '16. I’ll pack a bicycle for the forest roads in order to make up time so I can visit Rhialgwm later.
David M0YDH

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It should be OK David. Ice can stop you reaching the car park at the top.

I went over Ty Nant today in the car, which is higher - no sign of ice.


Hi David, I visited Rhialgwm today. Taking the route up through the forest on the South East flank, I counted fifteen fallen trees to climb under / over or around. I guess they had been left exposed to the wind after the felling work of 2014.
It wasn’t a big problem, but did make the walk a little more arduous and a little more time consuming than usual…