Cyrn-y-Brain the hard way

CYB is mostly activated by ascending the road to the radio-station from the Ponderosa Cafe. I have done this a few times and, not being in any rush, I decided to do a variation yesterday. I posted an alert on SW2 the night before and discovered yesterday morning that Steve G1INK had also posted an alert for the hill. By chance we met in the Ponderosa before the ascent and had a chat and a cup of tea. Steve and friend set off up the direct route while I headed off along my circuitous round.

My route ran south of the hill in a sunken track (wet), under low trees (cursed the pole) and eventually joined the Offas Dyke path at the road SJ233491. I then followed the Offas Dyke path across a good boardwalk to the forest SJ225502. I crossed into the forest and took the track that runs along the edge of the forest up to trig point (first time I have visited the trig). I set up on the grassy area between the trig and a mound.

2m SSB was rather slow going with no DX about. The PI7CIS beacon was just detectable. The sun shone. Suntan cream was applied. The view was enjoyed. Orange juice was drunk and chocolate cakes were consumed. What more could one want from an activation? I even made an s2s contact with Steve - now on Moel y Gamelin (I used my 2m beam for this 5MHz contact - not recommended).

One descending I noticed two figures coming off MyG - was it Steve and friend I wondered? As it happened it was indeed them and they arrived at the Ponderosa 10 minutes before me. Sadly the cafe closes at 1700 so none of us got another cup of tea. We did try to find a pub but after two were closed we gave up.

I did manage a pint of Weetwood at the Dun Cow near Knutsford…

11.1km and 413m ascent.
14 contacts 2m SSB
1 contact 5MHz SSB
(1333 first QSO, 1507 last QSO)
SB5 at 4m + 2.5W from FT817 (internal batteries)



In reply to G3CWI:

Had a decent time on GW/NW-042 & 43. Have done a short video on You Tube. It`s impressive how loud Klaus DF2GN/P is with 10w into a doublet.
73 Steve G1INK.