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Cyprus CW contacts. Report

It was a pleasure to copy so many stations as 5B/G0OOO last Thursday and Friday, Conditions were excellent on 20m and I was particularly pleased to be contacted by very many QRP stations and about a dozen CW QRS ops, at around 10wpm.

My apologies if I did not managed to hear your calls. UA stations were very strong in Cyprus and it was exhilarating to be called by JA’s, W’s and the occasional 7Z station.

I did “stop the traffic” to call for QRS stations at intervals and managed to get the pile up down to noise level before I had to depart on Friday afternoon.

With many hundreds of QSO’s in the log I will be having special QSL cards printed. These will be ready in a few weeks time and dispatched via the Buro unless I receive a direct card in the meantime.


Tnx for the contact Roy. 5B was a new one for me in CW and the G0OOO WAB book in 5B was also a new DXCC.

Very thrilled to work you with my 10W into an HF6V vertical. QSL has been send via bureau.

73 , de Peter ON3WAB

In reply to G4SSH:
Tnx fer the qrp qso Roy,73 Geoff, G4cpa.

Hi all,
from 17.Mar - 20.Mar i´m qrv in HB0. HB0/DF2GN and HB0/DL4NSE looking specialy for low-power qrp´ers around the qrp-qrg´s . QRP , but with big antennas,hi. Longwire´s , Vertikals etc. . Most qrv from 160 to 30m in cw. Also looking for Qrs / cw-beginners.OK, HB0 is not under the most wanted, but maybe for a newcomer nice to have contact to HB0 in CW.From 19 to 21.Mai i plan to activate some summits in HB9 es OE…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN :

OK Klaus. I am sure that you will get plenty of chasers.

Do you mean 17th-20th APRIL for HB0 ??

73 Roy G4SSH

In reply to G4SSH:

Hi Roy,
sorry,my mistake.We are qrv from 17. to 20.MAY.2007 . In intervals we call cq in qrs.no big expedition.only qrp-equipment .want to look , what is possible in cw/qrp.i think most dx´ers have HB0 in the log on every band,but we look for qrp es qrs :wink: just for fun.also must have time for jogging-trips in that beautiful area…hope to catch a few of the sota-chasers who are beginning with cw in moment

vy 73 Klaus

In reply to DF2GN :

OK Klaus. Yes, I think that it is very encouraging to new QRS CW ops to have an overseas station especially looking for them.

I have already received a few dozen direct QSL cards from slow CW ops who contacted me as 5B/G0OOO and who were very pleased to make their first DX CW contact.

73 Roy G4SSH