CW to SSB qso's

Hi, Name here is Scotty and call is,KG3W. Just worked Steve (WG0AT). He was SSB and I could not quite get through. Called him using CW and we completed the qso. When putting in my chaser entry do I use CW, SSB or Other?? Sure I’m not the first to ask this but couldn’t find it on the reflector. Am a new chaser as of August 2012. Qrp cw mostly and a few scattered of SSB. Thank you Gentlemen. For the time being I will put it as CW, but will change it if need be. 72 de KG3W

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Hello & welcome Scotty.
Your info’ tells me that the contact would not have been complete/concluded without the last CW exchange. So if it were me I would stay put; CW.
Mike G6TUH

I once had a qso with G4OBK and he used voiced morse as his key wasn’t connected and I used cw, so I just settled for cw as the mode in the database!

Nick G4OOE

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I once had a qso with G4OBK and he used voiced morse

Voiced morse?
You can’t beat it for SOTA.
Here’s Milos’s take on it and some slick real cw!


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Hi Scotty -

I’ve had a number of cross-mode (or split-mode) SOTA contacts - most of them summit-to-summit. I always use MY mode in the log and put a note that it was split mode.

I was there with CW also today for a S2S with Wg0at - I could just hear you. I used CW to be sure that Steve would know that I was on another summit. It worked!

Etienne, K7ATN

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I enjoyed the voiced and real morse on the clip!

This sometimes happens in the Tuesday night VHF activity contests, in which I usually participate from a SOTA summit. When I am struggling to get my details through, I send them in CW instead. Sometimes the other station also switches to CW, but mostly they continue talking to me in SSB in reply to my CW overs.

I also take the line that the mode entered is MY mode - but that is when I am activating. If it was a chaser contact, then I would enter the log using the mode of the activating station.