Current state of RBN to SOTAwatch gateway (long activations)?

Can someone please answer the following about whatever current RBN to SOTAwatch cw spotting gateways are currently running:

Are the “s+n” alert directives still being followed so that your RBN spots will be relayed to SOTAwatch for n hours after the initial alert?

If the “s+n” directives are no longer functional, how does one request spots for an activation that will last several hours? Does one issue multiple alerts every few hours? Will an additional SMS spot trigger the RBN gateway to follow your activation and, if so, for how long?

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU

Unless I am mistaken all these Qs have been asked b4 and the answers (re RBNHole) were NO, unfortunately…

If that’s the case, what is the spotting window for a single alert? For what duration of time will it continue to relay spots? One hour, two hours, ??? The old RBNgate used to spot for one hour before up until two hours after an alert.

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU

spotting window was said to be ETA +/- 2h (very approximative)

Hi Barry,
This is what Andrew wrote last January 27th.

Best 73 de Guru

Thanks Guru.

The whole question might be moot. I just looked through the spots in the past 72 hours and evidently the RBN to SOTAwatch spot gateway hasn’t been functioning at all ;-(

73, Barry N1EU

Don’t worry, Barry!
Did you read that in thread RBNHole Nuisance:

I agree it’s a nuisance. Did my first ever CW activation yesterday and do you think I could get my own software to spot me?? Bloody cheek of it…

I would have loved three CW spots! Luckily I had phone coverage and a spare pair of underwear. Apologies for the bad CW to those I worked

Thanks but shouldn’t we all be worrying?

Well Walt has stopped moaning so it can’t be all bad! :grin:

You need to prod Andrew VK3ARR with a PM. However, the man travels a lot as part of his job so he may be somewhere between here and there and not in a position to do anything with the server for a few hours or maybe days.

On holiday at the moment, and yes, not near a system that can let me log in to the rbnhole service (part of the holiday conditions from the XYL)

Will be able to look at it on the 24th.

As to whether you should worry or not depends on how much your anxiety is triggered by malfunctioning software. Since Terminator, it’s probably justified.

I reckon it’s due to a concerted DDOS attack against the RBNHOLE server, initiated by a netbot.
It’s probably as a result of everyone downloading that pesky YYN_TLAW virus from Sotawatch :grinning:
(Please note the smiley)

Hi Barry,

I went out activating Saturday (operated about 2 hours) and never was spotted by an automated system on sotawatch. I had put an alert in the night before.

One spot by N4EX was all I found when I got home.

So the system was definitely down on Saturday, as were my QSO totals (19 and five of those were locals on 2M FM).

So back to the old days…we may actually have to monitor the radio for a while! HI Hi



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The last SPOT was last Thursday at 13:49.
Coincidently, that was approx 20 hours after the RBNHOLE nuisance thread was started!

Conspiracies everywhere! :grin: