Curious Antenna Array

Not my photo but I was asked by the photographer if I knew what it was - I don’t! It is a line of 16 vertical antennas at Pointe de Brezellec, Cléden-Cap-Sizun in Brittany, France. This is near Brest which is a big naval base so might be part of a trial/experiment. I am guessing they are VHF antenna, possibly marine band, and might be for range/direction finding.

But other suggestions welcome. :slight_smile:


It looks like a big phased array of short verticals, for receiving on HF. I imagine each one will have an identical broadband amplifier at the elevated feedpoint, carefully selected feeder lengths all connected to a complex phasing network to make it steerable.

73 Gavin


Gavin, thank you, I hadn’t thought of HF. It isn’t a permanent installation I think, so must be some sort of trial.

Just been sent another image. My contact found four more antenna set in a square.

The long red line are the 16 antenna in the original post. The red square is the four new ones. The circle is where he is parked!

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As normal Google has the answer!

Its the linear equidistant array of 16 receive antenna for a HF radar, centred on 12.4Mhz. It studies the ocean surface. There will be a transmitter site in the same area.

Rather than active receive antennas, they are probably just 12.4Mhz verticals with elevated radials.

73 Gav

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Looks like a sea surface radar setup.

EDIT: Sorry was talking to Mrs. FMF and when I hit post there was Gavin’s answer :blush:

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Many thanks!