Cumbria Weather 05/12/2015

Just back from a trip out in the county, road conditions are truly awful with many closures and floodings. Many fields full of water and rivers at or beyond their limits and it’s still raining and gale force winds. Never seen this much water down, best avoided for the time being.
Take care

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I have just had my face rearranged on GW/NW-031. Wet through to the skin…

Awful conditions, never experienced wind like it. Seemingly it got worse on the return leg.


It was 14C, sunny and T-shirt weather on my 1st summit today. Bit cooler on the second and just starting to mist up. I didn’t realise it but I walked out through a private shooting reserve, wild boar droppings everywhere and signs the boars had been digging up truffles. With the number of shoots on as I drove about I was concerned I didn’t have a bright orange suit on that the hunters wear so they don’t shoot each other!

Enjoy it whilst you can Andy. Its pretty tough going over here at the moment…

Dave G3TQQ and I experienced horrendous winds yesterday on Swinside and Little Mell Fell. There was carnage on the A66 with an overturned lorry and a smashed up van on the eastern carriageway with a huge tailback on the western carriageway.

It hasn’t been that brilliant in North Yorkshire today either!


Thanks Rob,
Don’t feel bad abt cancelling tomorrow’s sota now. 14c at 9pm here. Global warming or what? 73, John

We had this two winter ago and it ran into Feb following year down here in the SW
Somerset downs were worse hit

Feel for you folks up there, Isle man been badly hit too.


After moving home and a spare day off from work this Thursday, just wondering where to go for a VHF activation.
I may just pack the rucksack, boots, map and take a chance on a visit to the Lake District. One summit I will not be visiting for a while is the Hoove, I don’t fancy loosing another walking pole on the marshy land.

As far as we know the serious damage is in the north of the county Glen Ridding/ Pooley Bridge way with road damage and bridges down. The south end of the county would seem to be your best bet.
Take care

From helicopter coverage I think I recognised the section of the A591 between Dunmail Raise and Thirlmere with several road washouts, I would guess that road is closed - probably for some time as the embankments will need to be restored before the road itself is rebuilt. I didn’t see any coverage but I would be surprised if there aren’t more washouts between Dunmail Raise and Grasmere. The north Lakes are probably best reached via Penrith.

A bit of a shock, Pooley bridge coming down, it has stood for 250 years!


Was thinking of g/ld023 Knott sort of area hoping some of the larger summits may shelter a bit of wind, I live in Richmond so will be travelling via Penrith.


Hi Rob, Brian & others,

Absolutely shocking, & after Cumbria suffering similar flooding three times since 2005.

Yes Brian, the A591 collapse is on the stretch down (North) from Dunmail towards Thirlmere, it will take time to make safe. To travel between Grasmere & Keswick now requires a detour of 40 miles.

With Pooley Bridge out anyone intending to take the A592 will also have to take a long detour, & I believe Glenridding is still inaccessible for normal road vehicles, diversion 50 miles.

The A686 at Langwathby is also affected requiring a diversion of 70 miles.

Various other areas including Carlisle & Cockermouth are still disrupted so anyone thinking of travelling to the Lakes, plan your journey in advance & be prepared to follow diversions.

My thoughts are with all those affected, especially those who have been through this not so long ago.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Road reports say that there is flooding between Glenridding and Pooley Bridge, presumably where the road skirts the lake.

I remember that in very wet weather the water gushed in between the back wall and the floor in the Dunmail Raise climbing hut so anybody there recently had flooding even though they are at the top of the pass!

Despite all this, I would still love to live in the central LD area!


Pictures from a friend of mine. Taken today (Wed 9/12/15).

I really feel for these people. There are several places like this, I just happen to have access to these.

Don’t stop going though! Businesses are going to be hit hard. Go, shop, buy food etc. from anywhere that’s open.

EDIT: 10DEC15 - Looks like they got another battering last night. I do not now have an update on what the road situation is like after last nights (Wed. 9DEC15) new flooding. Be careful out there!

The road south of Patterdale

A592 at Grisedale bridge - passable now.

The centre of Glenridding

The new “moraine” in Glenridding

Nothing to do with the floods, but the roadworks on the A66 just east of Penrith were causing delays of over half an hour last time I went west. And that was at 0730

Best way for anyone to avoid those road works is to go towards Dufton Pike on the back roads or to go through Kirkby Stephens.
I tried avoiding them the other week going to Stirling via the A1, that was even worse an extra hour on my journey due to road works In Newcastle.

Our climbing club hut is right by the Grisedale Bridge. It had a very near miss, but some people who were staying in it over the weekend lost their car.

Had to abandon that one, was able to get up to the start point but looking at the river and the flow of water coming of the hills any way it could, would be wise not to continue.
A few land slides along the road as you come of the a66 but had been cleared up, I wouldn’t fancy driving along there as it starts to get dark.
Will have to save that summit for another day.


Tue 22/12/2015 reports of flooding in the South of the County A591,A590 etc, not as bad as last time but rain till evening forecast.

But poor old Glenridding has caught it again. The Ratchers bar is flooded yet again.