CU/SM-005 Pico das Éguas. Azores wx…


My activation report on CU/SM-005 Pico das Éguas, including 1 small video clip could be seen at CU/SM-005 Pico das Éguas. Azores wx… | CT1DBS/CU3HF

Thank you all chasers.

73 de Pedro, CU3HF/p (also CT1DBS)

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Nice report Pedro. I love the Azores, spend a lot of time working out of Lajes Airbase on Terceira

73 Glyn

Hi Glyn

I lived in Terceira for 8+ years. :beers: :tada:

I was responsible for fire & rescue in Azores. :fire_engine: :ambulance:

I spent very nice moments at BA4. I used to fly in military planes and helicopters often (courtesy of PT AIr Force). :helicopter: :airplane:

Those are wonderful islands and I’m lucky to work to a company where the european branch is based in S. Miguel island.

I will be sailing from Terceira to S. Jorge next June (hope to do a few soat points…).
You will be welcomed on board. Do you wanna come ? :wink:

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

PS - You lived at Lajes Airbase. I’m sure the emojis will make fully sense to you (especially the first ones)!

Hello everyone.

I don’t know if the problem is only mine, but when I try to watch the video I get a message “This video is private”…

Great to ear from you.

Best Regards
Sergio CT2JLS

Hi Sergio

Thank you for your comment.

I believe it’s ok now.

Looking forward to do another sota activaction ASAP.

Vy 73