CT7/ preffix for non Portuguese hams operating in Portugal.

I’ve just seen this spot on SW3 and I fear there must be an error:

My understanding is that all foreign hams under the CEPT agreement, must use the CT7 preffix before their home callsign when operating from mainland Portugal, i.e. the territory in the Iberian peninsula. The preffix must be different if the operation takes place in some of the Azores Is. and different again if from Madeira Is., but I don’t remember which ones.
In case someone can get in contact with @M0JJO, it would be interesting for him to be informed about this, otherwise, his activation may be considered invalid, I’m afraid.

In case this CT7 preffix rule had changed and I’m not aware, thanks for letting us all know.




The “daily” updated CEPT list by the German DARC confirmes this:

Implementation T/R 61-01 implemented
Call sign 
CT7/ Portugal
CT8/ Açores/Azores
CT9/ Madeira
Extensions /M, /P

M0JJO doesn’t have an account on here, :confused: but I have emailed him in the past regarding SSO soI’ll prod him and tell him his CT1/M0JJO is technically invalid.

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I’d do it on the air, but unfortunately he is in skip with me now and I can’t copy him.

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